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Smart Split makes multi-tasking a breeze. If a text message comes in while you are watching a video, just click once to split the screen in two.
Please go to settings -- Smart Split -- Select App(s) that you want to display notifications as floating icons.
A message will be shown as a floating icon when it is received with an app running in full screen mode. Tap the icon, and the screen will be split into two.

Go to i Theme -- Local lock screen -- select a new method. Numerous lock screens are also available online at i Theme. Simply click download and then set to individualize your phone.

Go to Camera -- tap the icon in the upper right corner – turn on “Geographic locations”.

Press the home and power buttons simultaneously. Then go to Albums – Screenshot to check and edit it.
You may also call out the control center and tap the icon: S-capture for Super Screenshot, including: Screen Recording, Long Screenshot, Funny Screenshot & Rectangular Screenshot.

There are multiple ways to increase your battery life:
1. Turn off Bluetooth / WLAN / Data when you do not need them;
2. Turn on low power mode;
3. Leaving apps running in the background increases battery consumption; press the background button to close applications you do not use;
4. To prolong battery life, please turn off the vibrate function of your mobile phone and just use the ring tone;
5. Try not to leave apps, pictures, or videos playing under background.
If the battery drains fast even though there are no features mentioned above consuming the power, you may need to replace it.

Various reasons can cause Wi-Fi connection failure, please check the possible reasons and their corresponding solutions below:
1. It is almost impossible to establish Wi-Fi connection when the signal is too weak, please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is good enough when building the connection;
2. Connection restrictions (such as MAC/IP filtering) of your wireless router might block your attempt to connect, please change the connection restrictions by following the instructions of your router;
3. Faulty firmware may cause disconnection, please download the up-to-date firmware from Vivo’s official website to update your phone.